ba·al (noun, plural Ba·al·im) 1. any of numerous local deities among the ancient Semitic peoples, typifying the productive forces of nature and worshiped with much sensuality. 2. a false god


In this world today, the Israel peoples, those who have been gathered from being dispersed among the nations, are suffering the calamities of Deuteronomy 28. We have not followed God's Law, and the dire consequences of disobedience engulf us. Many are in despair...and our fear and confusion is a result of having lost sight of the one true God, His Kingdom, and His Laws...and through His Son, He accomplished our salvation.

However, man has always desired to become a god himself...and is guilty of setting up his own gods, Baalim. We have not recognized our sin, and in order to do so, we need to know how we have created these gods, who they are, and by what means they remain in power.

Within the covers of this book, you will discover who these gods are, and how we may dispose of them.


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