Pistol Prayer: This is a 15-20 Second Prayer. Pray at the beginning of each hour throughout the day. Great power is released when we all pray (sing or chant) at the same time. (At the very least, pray it as often as possible throughout the day.)

Lord Jesus we pray,
With Thy Authority we say,
DC Sorcery cease,
Satanic strongholds release,
Baals be broken and bound,
With all idols be cast down,
Stop the spells,
Send the spell-casters into Hell,
Jesus cause it to be,
And thank You for the victory!

Rifle Prayer: The "Rifle Prayer", put into a chant-like song entitled "A Mighty Weapon", has lyrics set to the tune of "A Mighty Fortress". For the remainder of 2009, it will be broadcast on the Scriptures for America Worldwide Broadcasting Network at exactly 7:00 P.M. Mountain Time, Monday through Friday. We can release great power as we all sing, chant or pray it at the same time. (At the very least, pray it as often as possible throughout the day.)

Rifle Prayer (prayer put to song) Download MP3

Verse 1:
Lord Jesus in Thy name we pray
With authority granted us this day.
All Baals of Babylon be torn down
We raze their temples to the ground.
Lay low their sacred groves, tear down all their strongholds
Let Satan's Asherah cease. We dethrone, behead, defeat
All ungodly powers, crushed beneath our feet

Verse 2:
Their source of power their symbols fall
At His words we speak by the king of all
Their sorcery at our command will cease
Our Lord Jesus Christ has such decreed.
Victory in Jesus' name, the power of D C has waned
Satanic strongholds release, the Remnant we set you free
The servants of God we set you free.

Verse 3:
Idols, sorcery, spells they cast
We break your hold, we break your back
Your symbols in the streets you've laid
Will be your tomb for thus we pray
In Jesus' name we come, the Remnant shouts as one
Hear us our God we cry, let evil fail and die
Let evil fail, let evil die.

Verse 4:
Let no evil spell nor serpents bite,
Even touch Your remnant as we fight.
Cast down to Sheol, cast down to hell
All those that would charm and cast evil spells
Jerusalem be restored, we'll walk on streets of gold
We bow on bended knee, before our Lord the King
Bow before Jesus Christ the King of Kings
Bow before Jesus Christ the King of Kings

He reigns, the King of Kings!